My daughter, Juliette, taught me the coolest game, and we thought we would like to play it with the whole world. It’s a story game, called Once Upon A…

We  usually play in the car, but for the whole world to play we needed a website. And here is how you play. The game starts with the words Once Upon A… then you pick the next three words in the story. They can be any words you wish, but only three of them. Then the next person picks three words to add to your three words, and the next person and so on….and so on.

The story that emerges is amazing. No single person can control what is written or where the story goes, and no one knows what the story will be. And with this website, we can have people from all over the world writing it. Now, Juliette and I are not the most technically savvy people so we set this site up to be easy for you to use and easy for us to manage. Just click on the story page above (Once Upon A…) to see the story as it is now. Then you add your three words to the reply section on that page below the story and we will add it to the story. Come back as often as you like to add and see your words in the story and how it is evolving. You can tell all of your friends about the story that you are writing with the whole world, and even bring them with you so they can help write the story.

Well, good luck and good writing to all of you. Hope you have a great time. After all, that’s the point of telling stories.


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